5 Signs You Might Need Transmission Repair

5 Signs You Might Need Transmission Repair

One of the most sophisticated parts of your car is its transmission. Not many motorists know how to fix one on their own, and when you’re worried something might be wrong, it’s natural to want to avoid taking it in for repair until the last possible instant. While it might be nice to just ignore trouble with your transmission in the hope that it goes away, at some point you’ll have to see a transmission repair shop in Draper to get it looked at. Here are a few signs of trouble you should take seriously.

1. Slipping in Your Transmission

If you’re driving along, and you notice your gears seem to slide from one gear to another, you may be experiencing slipping. Another common problem is you may notice your car feels like it’s underpowered, or there’s a whining sound coming from the engine, or perhaps your vehicle isn’t accelerating like it should. Any one or a combination of these symptoms is a good sign it might be time to consider transmission repair in Draper.

2. Rocky Shifts

When your manual or automatic transmission shifts gears, it should happen smoothly. If you feel like it’s resisting switching gears, or the transition isn’t as smooth as it normally is, then it could be a serious problem with your transmission. Another thing to look out for are strange clunking or thudding noises whenever gears shift.

3. A Delay in Engagement

You know there’s a problem when you’re trying to shift gears, and there’s a pause before it actually occurs. It could be as dramatic as a significant lull between shifting out of P and into D, where the engine revs as you hit the gas, yet the car doesn’t move. Clearly this isn’t normal, and should be examined by a trained technician.

4. Leaking

There’s no good reason for your transmission to be leaking. If you notice moisture spots in your driveway or garage, place cardboard under your car to see if your car has an active leak. Don’t be alarmed if the liquid is clear, that’s likely condensation from your A/C. Transmission fluid should be bright red, though it could be brown or dark red.

5. Dashboard Warning Light

The warning light on its own might not mean much, but if you notice any other symptoms occurring as well, it’s best to get your car checked out by a professional.

Don’t take your transmission lightly. If you notice these problems recurring, make an appointment with a transmission repair shop in Draper sooner rather than later.

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