Assisted Living Devoted to Dementia Offers a Caring Environment

Assisted Living Devoted to Dementia Offers a Caring Environment

You may think of dementia as a disease, but the name is actually given to a set of symptoms that include confusion, communication issues, problem solving and memory difficulties. Dementia is caused by changes that occur in the section of the brain that controls thoughts, actions and personality. The most common type is Alzheimer’s disease, the origins of which are still not completely understood. Dementia conditions are progressive and when a loved one begins showing advanced signs, families must think about ongoing care and how it should be provided. There are assisted living facilities on Long island, NY, that families might consider. An assisted living facility on Long Island that is dedicated to Alzheimer’s and memory impairment may be the perfect solution in terms of specialized care.

The Personal Approach

Since the conditions associated with any form of dementia are progressive, and because the rate of progression varies, every individual must have personalized attention. At specialized assisted living facilities on Long Island, NY, a four-stage assessment is given to incoming residents so that the proper level of care can be provided. Family members are assured that EMTs and med techs are available around the clock and that there are RNs and LPNs trained in dementia care on every floor. Residents also receive the assistance of personal care aides.

Facility Amenities

It is important for those with various forms of dementia to be able to enjoy as normal a life as possible, for as long as possible. At the assisted living facilities on Long Island, NY, common areas comprise 57 percent of the overall living space. Residents are able to move about comfortably on one level and social interaction is encouraged. Staff will work with families to learn about their loved one’s interests and hobbies. There are many things to enjoy, such as social get-togethers, day trips, poetry readings, music, art, bingo and gardening. The facility also offers both pet and equine therapy.

Daily Living

Residents can enjoy family-style dining as well as gourmet food available around the clock, including Kosher specialties and choices that fulfill dietary needs. Both cable TV and Wi-Fi are available, there are sun porches to enjoy in addition to an outdoor patio, and residents can use the onsite barber shop and beauty salon. There are daily housekeeping and laundry services, as well.

 Wellness and Healthcare

Emphasis is placed on helping residents to improve their motor skills, cognition and movement. There are also specialty consultants available in the fields of audiology, podiatry, psychiatry and gerontology. If needed, there are both physical and occupational therapists on hand, and a full complement of diagnostic services, including x-rays, EKGs, Doppler testing, lab testing and echocardiograms. Hydrotherapy is also available. Residents are provided with medication management and pharmacy services, and staff will make medical appointmentsand coordinate transportation.

Special Circumstances

The rate at which dementia progresses is different for everyone, so personalized care at all stages is top of mind at an assisted living facility on Long Island. Residents have a choice of living accommodations; there are furnished private and shared studios. Private aides, companions and nurses are available as well, if the family prefers this kind of individualized care for their loved one.

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