Easy Acting Tips To Impress Casting Directors

Easy Acting Tips To Impress Casting Directors

Audition process is the hard part to overcome and become an actor. In the audition process, it is crucial to stun the casting director. For that first impression, it is necessary to know what they are looking for.

What CDs look for?

Basically, all actors participating in the audition look similar, but the CD desires to discover the best one from the group. Besides acting skills, the CD looks for a person –

• Who can work with them comfortably
• Who is capable to take directions
• Who has the ability to perform in a specific way, the director wants?

Audition is a job interview, where you are competing for a second interview.

Never look desperate

Casting directors are normal people and desire to be treated as normal. If you talk with them normally and in a charming way then the chances of getting called back will increase. You need to be liked as a person, so remove qualities like hostile, bitter, angry, sarcastic, desperate and rude from your life or this can damage your acting career.

In the audition room, the people present are casting director, producer, writer and the camera operator. Treat everyone with respect, even if you have read something negative about them.

Entertainment industry is a small circle and possibilities to run into them often are more. You may meet the same CD on different productions, in your acting career. Therefore be charismatic and likeable to increase your chances to get a role in future.

Learn how to slate

Slate means telling –

• your name
• your agency name
• your character to be portrayed

Slate these details clearly and confidently. Now, you are ready for your performance.

Be prepared for unusual situations

At auditions, you may need to work under unusual conditions, so be prepared. Many actors take improvisation classes. In NYC, actors visit Amy Gossels Casting to learn ways to improvise different and new acting situations but still maintain their character.

Never creep CD out

Avoid looking into the eyes of the CD directly, when you recite lines. If you are staring, the CD will be unable to appraise your performance. There are some things that you should not do in the audition room.
• Never touch the CD or their stuff like computer, food or notepad. This can work against you.

• Smoke outside the room, where it will not distress others.

• Memorize the material or else the casting director can get embarrassed, in front of their clients.

• Never tweet the CD directly but submit your CV through proper channels.

• Avoid exaggerating your performance skills in the CV.

• Show gratitude, when the casting team invite you. They love to be appreciated.

• After your audition, thank the team and just leave the premises.

Take feedback positively

Be open to receive feedback. Never argue with the casting director, when they offer helpful advice. Actually, they don’t intend to hurt you but just want to be constructive.

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