Evaluating Inflight Advertising Solutions

Evaluating Inflight Advertising Solutions

Evaluating an inflight advertising solution for your company is not simply about having your message show up on the tv monitor during a flight.  Reaching your targeted audience with the right message involves considering several things.  Check below to see how and where to get started.

Understanding Your Strategy

Choosing your partner among the many inflight advertising companies available starts with someone who listens.  And if you know what you don’t know, perhaps helping you formulate or modify your strategy is in order.  This includes lining up the advertising with your goals and objectives and providing expert guidance to you based on knowledge of the product and service landscape, both ours and yours.

Implementation and Tactics

Out of the strategic analysis will come the implementation and tactics necessary for proper execution.  Here you will want to lean on your solution provider for things like in-depth market research and analysis, technology guidance, product definition and placement.  Perhaps it will even involve modifying an existing product or creating a new one.  Putting all of this together in a cohesive and executable timeline will allow the outcomes to be achieved in an appropriate fashion.  And once you have this in place any other gaps or additional requirements, such as content services or creative services, will become evident and addressable.  You are reaching out to an audience that can range from modest means to super-affluence.  Getting the right message to the right audience at the optimum moment is key.

Technology Landscape

It is no easy task to keep current on all of the technological changes and impacts that will drive innovation but also drive the decisions to be made regarding your strategy and tactics.  Do we push our messages through the seat-back portal alone?  Do we encourage our users to download our app to their portable device, since 97% of them are carrying one?  And with these options comes a whole new set of issues.  Is the application easy to navigate and use?  Will there be sufficient support to help customers with any issues they man have?  Technology brings a whole new set of opportunities and issues which need to b addressed.

Inflight advertising solutions can seem to be reasonably easy to understand but as with any technology-based, customer-driven endeavor, the devil is in the details.  Be certain you partner with a company that can provide you with a comprehensive solution.

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