Look Stylish and Elegant by Shopping for the Right Gold Jewelleries

Look Stylish and Elegant by Shopping for the Right Gold Jewelleries

The fascination with gold dates way back. Enter any jewellery store and you will easily get attracted to the intricate designs and styles of gold chains, bracelets and earrings.  All that glitters are not gold. You can easily get duped if you are not careful when purchasing gold.

The Right Time to Purchase Jewellery

Anytime is a good time to purchase jewellery. Generally, many of us purchase gold when there is a dip in prices or an auspicious occasion. If you look online you might come across many stores that sell different variety and styles of gold jewellery designs with price and weight.

Gold enhances your beauty and go with any type of clothing. In short, they are never out of fashion. When you go with famous jewellery brands, and are vary of purchasing online, you can visit their store and enquire about the product yourself. This also gives you the chance to see the product yourself.

The trend in the jewellery industry is slowly changing. Earlier jewellery termed as a “woman accessory” is paving way for men too. This shift in trend has paved ways for many jewellery stores to come out with collections suited for both men and women. Men, looking at purchasing gold, have a plethora of choices when it comes to men gold jewellery.

Be a Smart Buyer

Purchasing jewellery is not that easy. There are a lot of factors that you need to take into consideration when it comes to gold:

  • Ensure that you do your homework on the gold cost
  • Make a note of the cost per gram since the prices may vary from one store to another
  • Look for hallmark and BIS stamp on the jewellery to know its purity level
  • Authentic gold jewellery is always certified and meet certain standards
  • Enquire about the making charges on the jewellery
  • Consider the exchange offer if the jeweller is willing to buy back the same jewellery from you

When you purchase gold jewellery, ensure that you ask for the bill. This gives you all details of your transaction and can serve as important evidence in case of discrepancies.

Another important factor that you might want to take into consideration is the prevailing gold rate in your city. Gold rates tend to differ from one state to another including the transporting costs that are incurred while importing the gold.

Buyer Beware

We often get swayed by the unique gold jewellery designs that we often tend to make mistakes that we later regret. Some of the common mistakes that can be avoided include:

  • Going in for stone study jewellery. This makes it difficult to check the correct gold weight
  • In case, you do go for stone studded pieces, ask for a breakup of the weights
  • Avoid selling your jewellery in other stores. You might not get the full resale value

Gold make excellent gifts. If you plan on purchasing women gold jewellery, ensure that you enquire in a number of stores to get a good deal or discount.


Familiarize yourself with the terms and words used in the jewellery industry. Ensure not to be a target and duped for your lack of knowledge on jewellery.

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