Make Your Billings and Collections Procedures Easier for Everyone

Make Your Billings and Collections Procedures Easier for Everyone

With a busy practice and all that goes along with that, it’s no wonder why so many medical offices now are outsourcing their billing and collections procedures to other companies. Working with a company that’s owned and operated by physicians can help make sure that your billing system and collections processes are standardized and approached professionally.

Whether you choose to outsource these processes or not, here are a few of the best practices employed by successful medical offices and professional billing and collections companies alike. Putting these daily routines into practice will build loyalty with your patients and make things run much smoothly behind the scenes and at the front desk at your practice.

Use the Right Software

If you’re still using spreadsheets to keep track of invoices, it’s time to stop. You’re not still handwriting all of your patient notes or writing letters to insurance companies and other medical professionals by hand or with a typewriter. Consider whether it may be time to update your systems and software to get your billing processes going more efficiently.

Go Paperless in Your Practice

From following up with patients and vendors regarding the invoice that you sent a few weeks ago to tracking down the right email address, almost everything is easier when your files are being sent electronically. Accepting payments online will likely be a huge game changer for your practice if you haven’t already implemented an electronic payment system yet.

Adjust Invoice Due Dates

If possible, allow patients to choose different due dates. If you have a client who is consistently paying their bills late, perhaps the problem is the money doesn’t come in until after they’ve been invoiced. With many patients, they’d probably appreciate being able to pay at a time that’s more convenient for them. As a bonus, you’re more likely to get paid the more flexible you can be with the due date.

Know When to Call the Professionals

Finally, if you or your staff is feeling overwhelmed with all the billing and collections procedures, perhaps it’s time to recognize that and call the professionals. Your staff has a lot on their plate, as do you, and to continue to have them doing these things that may or may not be within their skillset may be wearing them down. For happier patients and happier personnel at your practice, consider outsourcing your billing and collections to people who do it professionally.

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