Own a Historical Optical Artifact

Own a Historical Optical Artifact

Collectors can set their sights on many possible items. A rare item, of a high quality, can be a very desirable item to own.If it has historical significance added to it, the item might be even more valuable. In the case of Big Eye binoculars used in World War II, there are many reasons that make them very important historical artifacts. They were used for observations at the military border outpost in the Sinai Desert. They have been restored by experts in the fields of optical calibration that included hand polishing of many intricate parts. The 40X150 power binoculars are mounted on a heavy duty tripod with wheels. Here is some more information on this rare item and on Japanese binoculars from this era.

Big Eye Binoculars

Purchasing an item such as this is an investment and a passion for many collectors. It is a handcrafted precision instrument that captures the beauty of form and function. The binoculars were used during war time and provided very powerful and precise magnification of objects. They have since been restored, a lengthy and intricate process that involves polishing of parts and extensive testing by experts in their field. Binoculars such as these represented the pinnacle of optical achievement at the time. They had a powerful range of vision and were functional units at the time. It is important to know that each binocular is unique and that there is not another one exactly like it in the world. The adjustable wood and steel tripod it sits upon is called a bespoke.

Other Japanese Models

Another important historical artifact available to collectors and investors is the 20X120 Japanese binoculars on a wooden tripod. The wooden tripod ends in metal feet that are pointed to stick into the ground. The model provided a powerful view of the surrounding scene. They are a precision instrument of high quality that has been carefully restored and tested to function for many decades. There is also a WWII 15X100 Fuji binoculars that are mounted on a tall wooden tripod. They were counterbalanced on a custom-made tripod and were used for naval observations. They help tell the story of the radical changes that were being made in the field of optics during the war years. They were mounted on a battleship and are exceedingly rare. Due to the quality of these instruments, the binoculars have garnered interest from a wide variety of collectors and experts in naval history.

Other Optical Artifacts

There are also a number of precision optical instruments of German make that are available to discriminating collectors and investors. These include the German 20/40X80 Zeiss periscope binocular and the German WWII 10X80 CXN binoculars. Like the Japanese instruments they have been carefully restored over a period of several months and are designed to function for many decades. They, too, show the evolution of optic design during this tumultuous era.

When considering owning one of these rare artifacts, such as the Big Eye binoculars, it is important to seek out assistance from an expert in the field. Additional information is available from a reputable dealer.

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