Raise Your Google Search Results to Drive Sales

Raise Your Google Search Results to Drive Sales

Type your name into Google or Bing.  Just your first and last name, or your business name, it doesn’t’ really matter – the point is any relatively simple search can often return up to a million results on popular search engines. Taking your business from a hidden back page of the search results to the first results is a huge accomplishment and a powerful tool to generate new sales, and navigating this complicated and important facet of your business should include a partnership with a search engines marketing company.

There are different ways to improve your search results. You can have tags built into your website that help link to common search words. Some search results are driven by user activity, or the number of times a given website is visited by traffic. Search engine marketing companies typically focus on the two tools over which you can maintain the most active, responsive control. Search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) are powerful marketing tools that can efficiently drive search engine results and expose new customers to your business.

What Does SEO Do?

Search engine optimization is what drives your site up the search engine results. For search engines like Google and Bing the algorithms that determine the order of search results can be influenced by keywords, content and relevancy. While you can’t do much to move your customers closer to you, you can work with a search engines marketing company to create content that is designed to drive SEO results. Using phrases common to your industry and specific to your company within blogs, social media posting and website content can all help you improve your SEO.

Search engines marketing company provide you data on search results, commonly used keywords and phrases and leverage that information to help you deploy content tailored to drive traffic to your site. Increasing traffic to your site is the first step to generating conversions to sales. 

Capitalize on PPC

A Search engines marketing company can also work with you to develop a pay per click program that helps drives traffic and increase conversions. These are essentially sponsored results that return at the top of certain keyword driven search engine results. You pay a fee every time a potential customer clicks through the link to your site. Overall this still tends to lower the cost of internet sales, especially with higher conversion rates. When you combine effective SEO work with a targeted pay per click program, you keep your site at the top of relevant searches and bring greater awareness to your business.

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