Selecting a Racing Seat

Selecting a Racing Seat

In car racing, the seat you drive in can make a lot of difference. You want to feel like the seat is an extension of your body. This will help to ensure that you feel at ease in your vehicle helping you to perform your best. A seat is not just a seat. Depending on how frequently you are racing, what type of car you are driving, and even what type of build your body is, you’ll want to have a different type of car seat. No matter what your racing seat needs might be, Sparco seats have the product for you.


For a racer with a slighter figure, you’ll want to try out the Rev model. This seat is built with a lighter frame in mind, featuring a non-slip fabric in both the shoulder and cushion with black harness slots and Sparco embroidery. You’ll be able to feel secure knowing you won’t be sliding around on your seat.


An entry-level seat designed for the weekend racers, the Sprint style features a unique balance of value, safety and style. With additional side mounting provisions on a tubular frame, this seat allows for better positioning in your vehicle.


Want to try out a Sparco racing seat good enough for DTM and ITC championship drivers at an affordable price? The Evo is a great option. With removable cushions that allow you to customize your seats padding and an ultra-light fiberglass composite shell this seat seems to have it all.


One of the safest Sparco seats available, the Pro-ADV came from a collaboration with the FIA. This seat offers increased rigidity, impact absorbing materials, large head and shoulder protectors, and non-slip fabric in both the shoulder and bottom cushions. This seat is also Hans device compatible.


If you looking for something a little more heavy duty, you might want to try out the Ergo design. This the newest model in the Sparco line up. It features two different shell sizes to help with a perfect fit and a lower cushion and backrest with a breathable fabric.


The Fighter seat is made to have competition level support combined with the easy installation required for street performance. An exciting part of this design is the ability to remove the seat cover and wash it. This will allow you to keep it in show quality condition. A fiberglass construction, this seat is light but durable.

These are just a few of the many versatile design that Sparco seats have to offer. Sparco offers this large variety of designs to help you find the perfect fit for you racing needs. No matter which model you choose to go with, you can rest easy knowing that all Sparco racing seats are made for comfort and safety. The majority of these chairs are made from a fire retardant fabric to help you through the unhappy event of a crash. Sparco designs also come in multiple colors to allow for customization to your individual style. Look good and feel good the next time you race.

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