The Common Mistakes You Must Avoid When Filling for A Patent Application

The Common Mistakes You Must Avoid When Filling for A Patent Application

Applying for a patent is the first step for a business to safeguard its invention/idea and other property. It is very important from a business perspective because an authorized access to any of these can either make or break any business.

If you fail to apply for a patent for your invention and it gets used illegally by someone else, then it can lead to a great financial loss and mental trouble. There are a few mistakes that people commit when filing for a patent. Understanding these mistakes would help in smoother and quick execution of the process.

Delaying to file for the patent application

It has been seen that some business owners take patent process lightly. It is only when somebody else uses their technology, unique design and invention illegally, they realize the need of filing it. So, to save from such repercussions, it is very important to protect your business property by filing your patent application on time.

One should file their PPA or Provisional Patent Application within a year post selling their product in the market. Once the PPA is filed, a business owner has another one year period to file for the official patent application. If in case one is not able to meet the deadline, then they would not have any legal right to claim their invention or product.

Not performing an extensive patent search

The patent application is a procedure that requires enough search. You will find a lot of helpful resources on the web that will guide you throughout the process. If you find it hard to comprehend the entire process on your own then hiring a patent attorney would be the right decision.

Not filling the application as per the instructions

A patent application needs to be filled in a specified format. One has to follow the instructions as mentioned in the application form. On failing to fill it accordingly, would lead to an automatic rejection of your application. So, understand the rules and follow them diligently to save from the troubles of rejection of the application.

Not providing necessary documents

You will need to attach necessary supporting documents along with the patent application form. You can easily get the list of those documents online. If you do not send all the documents with your application, then the entire procedure fails.

Not hiring a competent patent attorney

To avoid any kind of mistake while applying for the patent, one of the best ways is to take help of patent infringement attorneys. Right from preparing the draft, collecting documents to submitting the application, they would do all the required tasks with full efficiency and preciseness.


Looking at the importance of this process for a business, one can’t afford any of the above mistakes to happen. To make it hassle free, efficient and quick, hiring an experienced patent attorney will prove beneficial for you.

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