The Importance of Securing and Protecting Your Brand

The Importance of Securing and Protecting Your Brand

A brand isa unified message that embodies the essence of a company through logos, products, and a mission that sets it apart from its competition. The reputation of a business hinges on its ability to develop and successfully market its brand. Effectively branded companies tend to be recognizable, which can be anasset when it comes to attracting clients and customers. However, brand visibility can pose a risk for businesses who have not considered brand security to help safeguard their company against competitors and others who may seek to capitalize on their branded identity.  Developing a great brand is a critical step in building a strong business, and brand protection can help ensure and maintain the integrity of your products into the future.

What Does It Mean To Secure a Brand?

Brand security is a strategy that can helppreserve the authenticity of products associated with your company.This can include protecting actual manufactured merchandise, in addition to your online presence, company logos, slogans,or anything else that belongs to the brand itself. One of the most important aspects of brand protection is authentication: the ability to identify, track, and verify genuine products.

Why Do Companies Need To Secure Brands?

Unprotected brands can be a major liability for companies. Businessesthat forgobrand securitymay find themselves more vulnerable to fraud. The sale of counterfeit merchandiseis a source of revenue lossfor the business that owns the rights to aproduct or brand, and can become a problem for successful companies. However, situations where a company is unable to differentiate between its own genuine products and counterfeits cancompound the issue even more as it may make a business more vulnerable to litigation in the event of injury or other legal claims.

What Types of Security Options for Brands Exist?

Companies have several brand protection options to help themimplement state of the art security technologies to better authenticate their products, sales, and image. Authentication labels that incorporate hologramscan function as a brand’s signature and are one method that can be used to help verify the legitimacy of a product. Other types of security markers can be sewn or woveninto the merchandise itself. Specialty packaging designed to prevent tamperingmay also be an effective means of protection. Manyauthentication options visible to the consumer can be helpful when trying to determine authenticity of a product. However, other components thatcannot be seen by the naked eye can also be incorporated.  These require special laboratory analysis for verification and, in the event of litigation, can be an important piece of evidence to help determine the legitimacy of the product in question.  One additional method of protection is the ability of a company to track a product from production to purchase through each part of the distribution process.

Some of the most important aspects involved in the protection of a brand is through the authentication process. Great brands deserve a customized security solution, which may help preserve the integrity of their product lines and maintain the reputation of their company over time.

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