Tips for Proper Pool Cover Maintenance

Tips for Proper Pool Cover Maintenance

Expanding a pool cover life isn’t tedious or time consuming. Efficient cover maintenance will help in enhancing the longevity of the cover and help it run smoothly. An automatic pool cover doesn’t just secure your loved ones, but also save a lot of money by lowering down the head loss, chemical loss and evaporation of water. You can also use it to winterize the pool and secure it from the hazardous impact of the sun. Some of the tips for pool cover maintenance are mentioned below:

  • Keep the level of the pool water at mid-skimmer. If you overfill the pool, water can reach the bond beam and affect the mechanism. If the level of the water is low, the cover will have sag in it and add to the wear and tear of the system. It is important to maintain the right level of water, especially during winters. If the level of pool water is very low to support the snow load, it can damage the pool and pool cover.
  • Make sure you evaluate the chemistry of the pool water and keep it balanced. With this, you can lower down the harmful impact of the chemical imbalances. The basic rule is you only cover the pool in which you will swim. Once you add chemicals to the pool, make sure it circulates well in the before you close it with the cover. If you have closed the pool before the chemical have mixed, there are chances that it could shorten the fabric’s life or not allow the chemicals to balance efficiently in the water.
  • Pool cover maintenance, its guides and drains could impact the life and functioning of the cover to a great extent. Removing debris from time to time from the pulley and guides via a high pressure hose permits the cover to function effectively. In dusty places, cover often gets inoperable till debris is hosed from the pulley and guides. Debris buildup can cause premature depreciation of the pool cover system.
  • When the pool is uncovered, the water of the pool is transmitted from the pool to the cover’s top surface. When it dries, the high chlorine concentration can damage the fabric. Make sure you wash the cover with a mild washing liquid once in a 6 months.

Getting a pool cover is easy, but its maintenance requires effort. With these tops, you can help preserve the life of your pool cover and your pool.

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