Types of Jewellery Famous in Various States of India and Their Unique Design Elements

Types of Jewellery Famous in Various States of India and Their Unique Design Elements

Indian jewellery that is made in various parts of India has special significance. Traditional elements and motifs of the region are used in making jewellery designs that make them look distinctive. Buying gold jewellery is a part of Indian tradition.

Understanding the tradition

There are two festivals in India where people make it a point to buy gold jewellery online or in the local stores. Akshay tritiya and Dhanteras are dedicated to the Indian goddess Mahalakshmi, the Goddess of wealth. On these days people, all over India buy gold jewellery as it signifies Indian Goddess of wealth. In the Indian traditions, wearing gold jewellery is considered to be auspicious. Wearing gold jewellery has always been linked to money, power, and prosperity.

Jewellery designs from various parts of India

  1. Gold jewellery designs from the region of Jammu and Kashmir have delicate designs.
  2. They are made in motifs inspired from nature.
  3. Gold and silver in golden thread is used to make this type of jewellery.
  4. Huge earrings, bracelets, and anklets are typically worn in this region.
  5. Dejihor is a type of earring worn by married women from Kashmir.
  6. Neckpieces and nose rings have a distinct design from the region of Uttarakhand.
  7. Bracelets called Pauji are made in gold from this state.
  8. Jewellery designs from Rajasthan are elaborate and royal in their designs.
  9. Rajasthani jewellery define very old traditions and customs.
  10. Bangles are worn on the upper arm as well as the lower arm.
  11. Gemstones, kundans, and pearls are used in making jewellery from Rajasthan.

Folk jewellery from Assam

Assam is popular for distinct and exotic designs and handmade jewellery. The designs and pendants are inspired by nature and birds. You can also do gold jewellery shopping through various regional online portals, in Assam if you are looking for something unique and exotic. You can also find jewellery design that are inspired by musical instruments, and many other offbeat elements.

Jewellery from Maharashtra

The elaborate nose ring is one of the most popular jewellery designs from Maharashtra. Thussai, a neckpiece is also a popular jewellery design from Maharashtra. This jewellery originated in the sacred town, Kolhapur.

It is also worn by the Goddess Kolhapur Mahalakshmi. You can also buy gold jewellery online with all the details mentioned on the website. Three layered ‘mohan mala’ is also the type of necklace that has been originated from Maharashtra.

Sacred jewellery worn from the region of West Bengal

West Bengal is popular for Durga Puja and has all the wonderful traditional elements etched in the jewellery from this region. Ratanchur is finger rings that are five in number and attached to each other. This is the wedding jewellery worn in West Bengal. Big and chunky earrings made in gold are also worn in the Bengali weddings.


There are many states like Kerala that are popular for gold jewellery. Every state in all parts of India has jewellery designs that are a part of their culture and are worn in weddings and other traditional ceremonies. Most of the traditional Indian jewellery is heavy weighted, unless you choose a customized modern jewellery design.

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