Using DiSC Profiles for Successful Teams

Using DiSC Profiles for Successful Teams

An efficient, well-ordered workplace relies on employees that can work well together, cooperating and complementing each other’s skills and personalities. The Everything DiSC Workplace Test is designed to profile one’s personality as it emerges when interacting with friends, family, and co-workers. Backed by behavioral research, this comprehensive report can give insight into yourself and your employees or co-workers and help guide you to strengthened relationships and more successful teams.

The DiSC Theory of Personality

Originally proposed by William Moulton Marston in his 1928 book Emotions of Normal People, the DiSC theory profiles how people interact with others, engage with their environment, and approach problems and tasks. Four categories make up one’s profile: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness, representing a tendency to approach matters through applying direct action, encouragement and energy, patience, and careful analysis respectively. One’s DiSC profile is composed of percentage values of each category, with the highest category considered the main attribute.

Understanding Your Strengths

While not directly representative of developed skills and aptitudes, your DiSC profile can help provide insight into your methodology, illustrating habits and behaviors that you may not have thought much about before. With this insight, you can better apply yourself to roles in group projects that suit how you perform. The Everything DiSC Workplace Test also comes with guides and resource materials to provide more information on what your profile means and how to best utilize your workplace dynamic and collaborate with your peers.

Understanding Your Peers

DiSC tests can be taken as groups, and the simple common language provided by the DiSC theory makes it easy to convey what you come to find with your friends or co-workers. Just as you develop a stronger self-awareness, you can strengthen your insight into those you live or work with and how they engage the world. Knowing where someone is coming from can help reduce the risk of misreading their behavior and defuse potential conflicts. This makes communication and cooperation easier, both in the workplace and in personal lives. Even without knowing someone’s DiSC exactly, though, this test may foster consideration of other people’s unique outlooks and motivations, improving one’s ability to adapt for interaction with customers, supervisors, and other businesses.

Understanding Your Employees

For employers, DiSC personality profiling can be a useful tool alongside other evaluations or profiles. Keep in mind that the DiSC profile is not absolute; workers with the same high attributes may still have different proficiencies and needs. However, the studies and materials included with the workplace test will inform you on ways to best use the information given by your employees’ profiles. Using this data, you can make more informed decisions on workplace organization, group project structures, and how to adjust the physical and social environment of your business for your workers’ needs, both individually and collectively.

Success is built on understanding yourself and those around you. With the Everything DiSC Workforce Test, you have the tools to lay the foundation for your success.

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