Why It Is Important to Get Safe and Supervised Alcohol Detox?

If a person is addicted to alcohol then he should go for right treatment to get out of his addiction. With alcohol addiction, the person may suffer from many kinds of health problems, which can be quite severe and can cause death too. There are good treatments available in New Jersey alcohol rehab where the treatment starts with alcohol detoxification.

Alcohol detoxification is done under proper medical supervision. During this period doctors will prescribe different medications so that the patient can easily handle the symptoms that arise due to detoxification. The condition of the patient will be closely monitored by the doctor to assure his safety. During this phase the patient will understand the ill effects of alcohol.

In addition, proper medical attention is extremely necessary because there can be many kinds of withdrawal symptoms, which can pose danger to the health of the patient. During alcohol detoxification the patient may get seizures, hallucinations, vomiting, tremors, convulsions and many such things. These symptoms may vary from person to person. Some people may show mild symptoms while some may experience acute symptoms. It may continue for few days to a week too. Detoxification is very essential before going ahead with the treatment for alcoholism.

Every patient is handled differently based on his condition

Most of the treatments for alcoholism is carried out in hospitals or medical clinics that have expertise to treat alcohol addiction. After alcohol detoxification, the patient has to go through alcohol rehabilitation program as an inpatient.

Some hospitals may also conduct residential rehabilitation program, which may last anywhere from a month to several months depending upon the progress made by the patient. During this residential rehabilitation, the patient is not allowed to mix with his friends and also with his own family members. After few days based on his progress, the friends and family members are allowed to talk to patients.

If the patient wants to take treatment from hospitals as outpatient then they have to spend about 4 to 8 hours in the hospital and then can return back to his home. If the patient has very supportive family then he may be fully recovered in 3 months.

However, for certain patients these options may not work at all. For such patients, it will be better option to get admitted to hospital where full care will be given by the hospital staff. The time needed will vary from patient to patient. However, the recovery will be much faster as compared to getting treatment as outpatient.

There are few patients, who cannot stay without their family and for such patients’ special programs are designed to help them. This program may continue for a year and the family and friends also become part of the support group.

Out of all the above options, the inpatient treatment can provide most effective result as the patient is under constant observation of medical professionals. The recovery will also be faster and during the treatment process, the patient will not at all be in touch with those friends who had influenced him to take alcohol.

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